I have been always fascinated by the casual shapes you can find in nature,

how the light enhances a surface more than another and how this shape becomes independent and almost abstract, generating a new life of its own, suggesting me

colours, sensations and movement.


When I walk on a sandy beach I always look for shells, pebbles and any object that may capture my attention, how beautiful and simple they appear and how complicated and deep they actually are. This glowing mystery fascinates me the most and stimulates my fantasy to run riot to recreate a brand new world.


My entire research evolves almost exclusively on water, the endless transformations,

shapes and reflections it assumes. Cool and Warm entering my soul permeating me

by its delicate endless flowing rhythm, the rhythm of life that encapsulates each one of us, always present and so mysterious, like waves crushing against the surface in an incontrollable movement, an impetus leading to unexpected results.


I am a Painter, Illustrator, Photographer, Singer-Songwriter and I have been living in London since 2000.

I have shown my works in many Solo and Group Exhibitions across Europe.

1993 Painting Degree, Fine Arts Academy in Rome, Italy.

1988 Arts High School Diploma, Arts High School, Rome, Italy.

1995 Lecturer on "Leonardo da Vinci's Painting Techniques"

1993 Painting Award, Targa Colosseum, Rome, Italy.

Cinzia D'Alberti Copyright 2018

Email:   cinziadalberti@hotmail.co.uk